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Our Before and After Story


This Sasen Homes project was one of our greatest Before/After transformations.  The “Our Heart Your Home”  and ” We Love What We Build” came to life by this space as this is our heart and home.  Here is the story based on questions that were frequently asked by friends and family throughout the process. 

Q:  What did you hate about your back yard the most before the change and rebuild?

It was one large box of nothingness.  The deck was small, had no character and served no purpose.  As you can see from the before photo, it was dated and as you can see from the after photo, the deck now serves many purposes.

Q:  What was the dream for this space and what were you hoping for?

We wanted to create a space that we could enjoy with family and friends. To break bread together, share stories and entertain BIG! 

Q:  When were you able to create it and how long did it take?

The exterior project was the last phase of the build.  We took our time as we were particular in sourcing out the hardware, appliances, stones for the fireplace, granite and light fixtures that we loved from California.

Q:  How would you describe the before of the space?

Boring, Plain, Dull

Q:  How would you describe the after?

Paradise, Relaxing, Oasis, Serenity 

Q:  What are the cool features in your kitchen and entertainment area that you love?

Our vision was to bring a bit of Tuscany into our space which included a pizza oven direct from Florence, Italy. Coming from an Italian background it’s second nature to have big gatherings, lots to eat and plenty of homemade red🍷 wine.  From cooking in our outdoor kitchen, to sitting down to eat on the custom farm table built by Sasen Homes to then gathering around the fireplace after a feast, is our way of ending a wonderful evening.  We love what we build.