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What We Specialize In

  • Large Scale Renovations
  • Entire House Gut and Remodel
  • Additions
  • House Raising
  • Complete Kitchen Renovation
  • Heritage Renovations
  • Design 
  • Permit & Engineering Process
  • Full-scale Project Management
  • Deck Renovations and Exteriors

At Sasen we build and renovate homes because we believe in the value of home. The true value: family, personal space & community. This is our motivation behind everything we do.

When we are in your home, we treat the space with respect. We get to know you and you get to know us. Our clients are an extension of our community, along with our team, our partners and our suppliers. We’re the kind of people you invite back once the job is over!

Our work: Quality. That’s a given. Integrity, Excellence and Craftsmanship help create the legacy that is imprinted in all of the home builds, projects, and renovations by Sasen Homes.

What Do We Value at Sasen Homes & Renovations?

Matthew Senf, Principal and Project Manager can tell you a bit about who we are, what we do, and why we do it:

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Our History

Sasen Homes & Renovations was born a proprietorship. After years of honing skills, team building and establishing connections in the industry, Sasen is now a preferred industry leading general contracting firm with a team of skilled Red Seal Journeymen and qualified apprentices in the process of being indentured. As we grew, we created a more efficient process for our project management, in addition to adding optional Design and Permit phases, in order to offer our clients the full package. Our focus is always to make the entire process easy to get to what we love.

No matter how much we grow, we are still a family owned and operated company that understands the value of home as much more than a residence: as a personal space. We treat our work with this in mind, not as simply a project.



Our Team

Sasen’s team is worth bragging about. Sasen offers a well-balanced work environment that attracts fun, passionate, skilled team members. The team excels at open communication, with each other, our partnering trades and of course, our valued clients.

Matthew Senf

Sasen's Principal

Having worked as a labourer and building his trade skills in his early years, Sasen’s Principal, Matthew Senf, successfully completed his formal training as a Red Seal Journeyman. In 1999, Matthew pursued his postgraduate studies in Theology. After his return to the trade, Sasen was born as a proprietorship honing skills, building our team and establishing connections in the industry.

In his down time, Matthew devotes time to his community, family and carpentry projects. Matthew is an active member of the HAVAN (Homebuilders Association Vancouver) with experience speaking at Buildex on the topic of team building in the industry.



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Project Supervisor
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Sasen’s mission and vision philosophies are grounded in the pursuit of the charactervalue and changing purpose of the ideal of home.  What is a home supposed to do? How is a home supposed to serve those who inhabit it?  What is a home’s ideal relationship to the environment that surrounds it?  Our philosophy here at Sasen is shaped by the answers to these questions and those answers come out of the collaborative relationships we build with our clients.